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Pharmacotherapy Discontinued for Half of Prisoners

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Kentucky Sued In Federal Court Over Drug Treatment PracticesHeroin-Plagued County Looks to New Medication to Aid Addiction

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Designing Medicaid Health Homes for Individuals with Opioid Dependency: Considerations for States

Hall County Corrections IN Georgia Begins First Jail RSAT Program

New guidance on use of extended-release injectable naltrexoneVivitrol successfully used to treat heroin addiction at Washington County Detention Center

Koutoujian: Care for some only available behind bars

Unprecedented for San Francisco Jail System - Secured Technology Tablets for Educational AdvancementRockdale jail to start new drug treatment program

Department of Justice's Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit

Barry A. Hazle Jr., Athiest, Wins Nearly $2 Million in Settlement Over Faith-Based Rehab Program

Justice & Health Innovation BulletinMedicaid: Information on Inmate Eligibility and Federal Costs for Allowable Services

Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies: Reducing Recidivism and Promoting Job Readiness

Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies Pilot Project

National Drug Control Strategy 2014
Note, the President's national blueprint for drug policy features the innovative work of a RSAT program, one of our mentor host site training sites, see p. 32

New Resource: Using Trauma-Informed Ptactices to Enhance Safety and Security in Women's Correctional Facilities

County officials praise heroin addiction program

A blockade for opiates: Vivitrol offers hope for treatment

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