Following are a series of manuals and slides developed by RSAT-TTA faculty members on various RSAT-related issues, in response to requests by RSAT programs around the country. We will be adding new series of slides as our faculty fulfills additional on-site training and technical assistance requests. 


June 2023 - NEW Guidelines for Managing Substance Withdrawal in Jails: A Tool for Local Government Officials , Jail Administrators, Correctional Officers, and Health Care Professionals

June 2023 - Updated Promising Practices Guidelines (PPG) for Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment

January 2024 - Updated Correctional Medication Assisted Treatment Research Compendium

Covid-19 Resources - 
CDC Interim Guidance on Management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Correctional and Detention Facilities


Going the Distance: Remote Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programming and Recovery Support Options

Preparing People for Reentry from Jails and Prisons During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Helping People Released from Prison and Jails Find Housing:
 A State by State Resource Guide

Preparing People for Reentry: Checklist for Correctional Facilities

Fidelity Assessment Interviews (FAI)
Fidelity Assessment Instrument - The RSAT TTA team is conducting fidelity assessment interviews with all RSAT-funded programs. The purpose of an FAI interview is to determine how to best support each program to reach BJA's RSAT program standards as described in the Promising Practices Guidelines. The purpose of the FAI is NOT to review for compliance. For more information about the FAI and to schedule an interview for your program, contact RSAT TTA at

Sample FAI Report - This is a sample FAI report for grantees to see what types of feedback RSAT TTA provides following an FAI interview. The site name is removed for the anonymity of the program.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment
Special Populations

Reentry and Continuing Care in the Community