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Untreated Opioid Withdrawal Linked with Jail Suicides
An investigation by the US Justice Department determined that the failure of provide appropriate opioid withdrawal management agonist medication is linked to jail suicides. Read the Justice investigation report here.



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Correctional MAT Videos, Diverting Defendants to Treatment and Prison and Medicated Assisted Treatment


Diverting Defendants
to Treatment



Prison and Jail Medication
Assisted Treatment






Philadelphia Department of Prisons Narcan PSA English


Philadelphia Department of Prisons Narcan PSA Spanish

This video features those with lived experience talking about their drug addiction, jail and saving lives with Naloxone. It ends with instructions on how to administer naloxone. It is currently shown to Philadelphia jail inmates and their visitors.

SAMHSA Video: Benefits and Cost Savings of MAT Services in a Correctional Setting

This video features presentations from Jon Berge, SAMHSA, Mark Parrino, American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Andrew Klein, RSAT TTA and Advocates for Human Potential, Kathleen Maurer, Connecticut DOC, and Kevin Pangburn, Kentucky DOC.

Montgomery County Corrections

Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Correction and Rehabilitation
video on that institution’s MAT Program

"A Rehab Jail for Heroin Addicts" in Franklin County Massachusetts

Franklin County and the Greenfield, Massachusetts community addresses the opioid crisis with an innovative approach to treatment. The Franklin County Jail is one of the only corrections facilities in the country offering suboxone to its clients.