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eeagle - 1/28/2015 10:32:00 AM
February 2015: Blending Grants
Do other RSAT programs blend BJA RSAT grants with Byrne/JAG and other BJA or SAMHSA funding? 

eeagle - 2/10/2015 11:27:50 AM
RE:February 2015: Blending Grants
Unfortunately as federal funding for RSAT programs decrease every year, no RSAT programs can operate entirely with the limited federal funds provided, even if all of the federal funds are directed at just one or two prison or county programs.  For this reason, RSAT programs rely on supplemental state and county funding.  In addition,  other BJA funding is also increasingly being earmarked for RSAT programming as states and counties come to realize the significant contributions these programs make. Once the State of Texas, for example,  identifies a program worth supporting, it blends all appropriate available federal funding to give them program the resources it needs to operate. 

In Tennessee, at least one RSAT program received drug court funding too.  The drug court provides the aftercare for the RSAT inmates upon release.  In states with expanded Medicaid coverage, more and more RSAT programs are signing inmates up for Medicaid so that aftercare funding is available as soon as the inmate hits the street. 

~Andy Klein