The RSAT T&TA National Resource Center offers RSAT Programs expert training and technical assistance upon request either on-site or via teleconferencing. Our expert faculty are also ready to provide RSAT programs individual consultation as needed to address specific challenges newly created or mature programs may face. To view examples of on-site presentations previously delivered by our staff, visit the Curricula page.


To apply for training or technical assistance, please fill out a simple request form. We will then match your request with a Center faculty member. If we do not have a faculty member to meet your specific request, we will find one for you. While funding may limit our ability to accommodate all requests for on-site TA, through teleconferencing, on-line training, and webinars, we will strive to provide suitable alternatives to meet RSAT Program needs.




What RSAT programs are saying about our on-site TA:


 "All trainers were exceptionally knowledgeable in their respective areas. Each trainer presented practical, immediately useful techniques."



 "The success of this TC will be attributed in large part to the instruction provided …and the immersive training we received."



 "The training and trainers were exceptional…highly sensitive to the varied needs of the participants and provided state of the art information ...to critical clinical areas of concern. (S)upport for our TC treatment system is highly appreciated and of great value."



 "(Almost) every single participant was very pleased with the training…"



 "Though we left off the Great Job! comments from the Qualitative section, the evaluations were full of them."



 "Compared to most training results, marks are very high."



 "These trainers were absolutely fabulous and I know if we have any questions we can call them anytime… I truly look forward to working with them in the future!"




 "Phenomenal training"



 "I really enjoyed your training... it was immediately passed along to the prisoners."



 "...(I)t was one of the best I have ever been to as a licensed professional. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough..."