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eeagle - 1/17/2013 10:50:30 AM
Cooperation with Correctional Staff
Q: I work as a Program Director for an intensive outpatient program in prison in Florida. There seems to be a problem with lack of cooperation with the correctional staff. What can I do?

A: Not sure if you are referring to coordinating with probation or community supervision, or if you are referring to security staff (Correctional officers inside the walls)…in either case, I would look for opportunities to educate about treatment environments.  I think there is always a tension between security and treatment but when they work together well, it can be really great.
I’m attaching a powerpoint that was partly presented to security and other non-clinical staff (who may tend to want to treat all offenders exactly the same) about therapeutic communities, and the need for graduated expectations in behavior and participation in a treatment environment, etc.  See slide 23 as example.  It’s not a complete ppt, but you can get the idea from some of these. View PPT Here