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skeller - 1/7/2021 4:10:48 PM
January 2021: Methamphetamine Use Disorder Treatment

Question: Are there any medications to help people with methamphetamine disorders like those for opioid use disorder? And what is the recommended treatment for methamphetamine use disorder?

Answer: There are no FDA-approved medications available for treatment of methamphetamine or other stimulant use disorders at this time. Behavioral interventions are currently recognized as best practice for treatment of stimulant use disorders. Nor are there any medications that can reverse a stimulant overdose. However, developing medications for the treatment of methamphetamine addiction is a national research priority. A long list of medications has been studied and several have shown promise. However, no pharmaceutical has been approved for treatment of any type of stimulant use disorder so far.

A new RSAT training tool is now available on the RSAT website, titled Treating Clients with Methamphetamine and Stimulant Use Disorders. It devotes an entire section to evidenced-based approaches to treating methamphetamine and other stimulant use disorders and how they apply to custody-based treatment. The manual also provides information on concurrent methamphetamine and opioid use, as well as methamphetamine use among individuals receiving medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. It offers information on the complex relationship between methamphetamine use and mental health disorders and highlights the importance of RSAT program collaboration with mental health services. There is also information on the potential benefits psychiatric medication management may offer individuals recovering from chronic methamphetamine use.