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rchurchill - (8/30/2013 3:47:58 PM)
RE:September 2013: Screening and Assessment Tools for RSAT
 The Adult Substance Use Survey - Revised (ASUS-R) is a self-report survey appropriate for use with criminal justice clients 18 years or older.  It is designed to be a brief self-administered instrument to be used with clients who are suspected of having a history of substance use or abuse.  The ASUS-R provides a look at conditions related to drug and alcohol use, mental health concerns, antisocial behaviors and attitudes, readiness and motivation for services, willingness to disclose and perceived strengths.  It can be used to make decisions about treatment and referrals. Our agency uses the ASUS-R in most of our sites along with the LS/RNR to get more detailed information regarding substance abuse involvement and how it's affected their lives.  One of the most useful aspects of the ASUS-R is the Defensive Scale which identifies how disclosing the client was during the survey, and, if administered directly after the LS/RNR, how willing they were to disclose during the interview process at that time as well.  It also breaks down the various types of disuption that alcohol / drugs may have played in their life into three categories: social role, behavioral and psychophysical which can finetune interventions and treatment plans. There is a computerized version of the ASUS-R but we've always used the paper version. For a modest contractual fee per year, you're allowed to copy a large amount of the forms - probably more than enough to cover a large RSAT Program and other treatment programs you may have sited in your prison / jail as well! Training is suggested - especially for the interpretation of results.  For more info, go to www.