Phillip Barbour

Phillip Barbour has worked in the field of substance abuse counseling since 1990, beginning his career in the field as a counselor in a methadone clinic on the west side of Chicago. He joined Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC) in 1991, and has worked in a number of the agency’s criminal justice programs, including several years as an administrator with TASC’s Corrections Transition Programs. Mr. Barbour joined the RSAT faculty in August 2010. Formally he served as staff development and training coordinator for TASC, and in that role provided training for TASC’s 350+ statewide staff. He is also a registered trainer with the Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center (GLATTC), which is part of a national network of centers sponsored by the federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. Mr. Barbour has provided training throughout the United States on numerous topics, including clinical reentry management, criminal thinking, motivational interviewing, and many other related subjects. Mr. Barbour’s expertise is shaped not only by his professional experiences, but also by the fact that he once came through the treatment and criminal justice systems which he now helps to improve. His unique perspectives and experience working with criminal justice programs have made him a much sought after expert in the field.