Lisa Talbot Lundrigan, M.A.

Lisa Talbot Lundrigan, MA is Vice President of Operations for AdCare Criminal Justice Services, Inc. As the chief operating officer, Lisa has overseen the clinical and administrative operations of the company’s institution and community-based programs for over fifteen years. She has experience in all aspects of program management and staff training and development, as well as expertise in contract management and compliance. She has managed the start-up of many programs, including the implementation of one the first county-based female RSAT units in Massachusetts. Lisa continues to train and supervise corrections and treatment professionals in the implementation of evidence based practices, trauma-informed services, models of correctional leadership, gender responsive programming and recovery-oriented correctional care.  


Lisa has served on the faculty of the Women in Criminal Justice program, the New England School of Addiction Studies, and the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders. She sits on the Board of the Massachusetts Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors and the Massachusetts Women’s Justice Committee.


An accomplished marathon runner, she is also co-founder of Partners in Recovery, a non-profit athletic fellowship dedicated to the pursuit of an athletic lifestyle as an alternative to addiction.