Kenneth L. Osborne, M.S.

Kenneth L. Osborne is the Program Administrator for WestCare Foundation at Cook County Department of Corrections in Chicago, IL.  He is also the former Director of Substance Abuse and Risk Reduction Services for the Tennessee Department of Correction and former Warden of Sheridan Correctional Center in Illinois, at one time regarded as the nation’s largest drug treatment prison.  Mr. Osborne has over 20 years’ experience in addiction/behavioral health and corrections, holds state, national and international certification as an Addictions Counselor and is a Certified Public Manager.  He was recognized as one of America’s Premier Business Leaders and Professionals in Princeton’s Honors registry for 2009-2010.   Mr. Osborne is the bestselling author of When Mama is Daddy: The Male Crisis and Challenge of Ending Father Absence released March 2013.  He holds an MS in Chemical Dependency Counseling.