Fred Zackon, M.Ed.

Since the 1970s, Fred Zackon has provided clinical leadership for substance abuse programs from Harvard to Singapore, across a spectrum of modalities including therapeutic communities, methadone maintenance, and RSAT. He has innovated the format and content of drug abuse treatment and has served both NIDA and the addiction treatment arm of the UN, the latter as its senior trainer to developing nations. For both entities he wrote highly influential addiction-recovery curricula for staff and substance abusers. In the 1990s, he was principal trainer and authored one of the most widely applied cognitive skills and evidence-based curricula in corrections for a national correctional services corporation. 
In recent years, his work turning recovery curricula into interactive multimedia was awarded major NIH grants, a prestigious R01 category research award along with both a Phase I and II Small Business Innovative Research grant. Residing in Newburyport, MA, he maintains consultancies to national treatment providers and research organizations.