Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

A Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) funded program provided by Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP)
in partnership with Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC) and AdCare Criminal Justice Services (ACJS).

New, First Ever RSAT Virtual Tour Just one Click Away!

See it now, a 27 minute video that provides a virtual tour of a model jail RSAT program. 

The Barnstable House of Correction RSAT program is based on a modified therapeutic community composed of specially training correctional officers, treatment counselors and inmates. The program features a robust aftercare program, including a Community Reentry Council consisting of community treatment and service providers and community corrections that meets to develop referrals and resources for each inmate six weeks before release. The program was also the first of its kind to provide injected naltrexone to inmates to facilitate drug free transition back to the community. 

Click here for a short supplementary program manual on this model House of Correction RSAT Program. 

See this too, a short video featuring current and former RSAT inmates describing their RSAT experience. In their own words, they provide a compelling case that all our jails and prisons should have robust RSAT programs! 

Our special thanks to Barnstable County Sheriff James M. Cummings, his staff, as well as current and former RSAT inmates for their support and assistance in working with Nick Noyes, our producer, to make this virtual tour possible.


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Monthly RSAT TTA Webinars
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Photo courtesy of Cynthia M. Caro, Director of Programs and Operations
West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department
El Paso, Texas
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SAMHSA Issues New Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Programs
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National RSAT TTA WORKSHOP, July 16-17, New Orleans
Every state and U.S. Territory has been advised to select two attendees.
The theme: RSAT, Leading the Way for Smart Corrections
Tentative Agenda here.